First draft

TO : Jacqueline Redrovan, Head Architect, MOS Architects NYC

FROM : Haneul Jang, Real Estate Developer

DATE : February 25, 2018

SUBJECT : Small garden and Solar pad In apartment

People these days don’t have many opportunities to encounter nature. They don’t have much time and they don’t have many such facilities around them.

This project decided to make a small garden inside the building. For example, I will make a small garden in the lobby or in the hallway of the apartment. Children and residents can easily grow their own plants. It won’t take time to get you make a small garden. And when plants grow on the building will be an air purification and would look pretty to look at. [i]

And the second thing is to put a solar pad on top of the building. As you all know, electricity bills are high in winter or summer. Because we use a heater or air conditioner. However, if we install a solar pad, we can [ii]

save money. We can’t cover all the electricity costs, but we can cut them down a bit. And we use that solar pad to store electricity. When there is a sudden power outage or lack of electricity, we will be able to use the stored electricity.

The first project will give people more attention to their space. And people can learn the environment in their house. It will be good for children’s education as well. The second project will help the environment of the Earth.

[i] Taegeun Jang(2015) Naver News, Premium apartment

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Final draft

TO : Jacqueline Redrovan, Head Architect, MOS Architects NYC

FROM : Haneul Jang, Real Estate Developer

DATE : February 25, 2018

SUBJECT : New residential Building

The purpose of this memo is to present a plan for a new residential building in Upper west 100th street. There is now a vacant lot there. If you build a new residential building there, many people will able to live and there will be positive changes in their lives. Because there is a good neighborhood for people to live in.


This area is not quite large, but it would be worth building high enough. It is now used as a vacant lot. I thought it was too much of a waste to be used as a vacant lot. As you can see below the figure 1, total area is around 9,000 sq. ft. there are Columbia university, Manhattan school of music and City college around. There are not only universities but also high school and middle school. And transportation is convenient, so I think it’s a good place to live. And we’re going to use solar pad, green elevator, green led, and air-cleaning plant. By using these things, we would decrease the energy consumption and also be able to take care of our health. 


As everyone know, there are so many cars in Manhattan. The air pollution is also great because of that. The focus of the new building eco-friendly.

I’m going to build a residential building here and focus on the eco-friendly and “green”. Many apartments are already using eco-friendly elements, but we will add other eco-friendly elements.

(Figure 1. Overhead view of location – Google map)

I propose using the 9100 sq. ft, of land that belonged to the empty area to build a 20 -story residential building with 60 apartments in total. I’m planning to build a building high, though it’s small in area. And I will put a solar pad on the roof the building. Recently, the efficiency of the solar pad is 38%.

(Figure 2. Solar pad Source – rent café)  (Figure 3. Solar pad on the roof Source – Heat & Cool)

It is not a small quantity. If we attach it to the roof, we can store a lot of energy. And in situations like blackouts, we can use the energy we store. On average, we can save about $70 a year. It’s eco-friendly, it’s money-saving, and it’s two birds with one stone.

I will plant plants in the corridors and balconies. Plants are the air purifying plants and are Areca palm. The country of origin is Madagascar. It has excellent efficacy in removing toxins, dyes, and adhesives from indoor air. And it can control the humidity of the indoor. About 1.8 meters of the Areca palm releases about 1 liter of water during the day. It has excellent effect in removing various volatile organic materials, which are the main sources of indoor air pollution such as formaldehyde. If we plant this, the indoor air will be better. We call this the Eco plant.

(Figure 4. Areca palm Source – google)

(Figure 5. Green elevator)

Finally, the elevator in the building will be equipped with a green elevator. This is something that has not yet been commercialized much. The ‘Green Elevator’ is designed to minimize carbon emissions in the entire product process, ranging from design, fabrication, installation, operation and maintenance to disposal through improved energy efficiency, material savings and recycling, and the use of eco-friendly materials. By applying eco-friendly parts and others, the system will be improved by up to 5 percent compared to conventional gearless elevators, which will save about $700 dollars a year. We can save a lot of money. The rent in Manhattan is really expensive. Utility is very expensive, too. My goal is to use eco-friendly products and help rent a little.


The rent will vary from room to room. The rent is the following:

  • Three-bedroom = $3750
  • Two-bedroom = $ 3150
  • One-bedroom = $ 2450
  • Studio = $ 1650

The rent may vary slightly depending on the size of the room. and because it is a new apartment, the rent may be a little more expensive than other apartments. But the amenities will be in good condition.


We have finished all the necessary documents and paperwork. We’ll be very happy to work with you. You can reach me at my number 332-210-4270 or email me at I am very proud of my project. The building is made eco-friendly, so it will be really good for the environment. People will like it because the neighborhood is good and the town is safe. I hope to start this project with you. I look forward to hearing from you.


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When I first got this assignment, it was hard to understand. when I wrote the first draft, I was completely misdirected. I should have designed the building myself and made an efficient one. There are many eco-friendly factors these days. But I wanted to use things that people didn’t know much about. So I found eco-friendly plants and eco-friendly elevators. Since rent is too expensive, I focused on using eco-friendly elements to reduce rental costs or utility costs. The difficult part of this writing was finding green energy and eco-friendly factors. I searched a lot of data. But many apartments were already using eco-friendly things. I thought about what I need now first. I live in Manhattan now and pay for expensive rent and utilities. And I thought that adding a little eco-friendly element would make rent or utility bills cheaper. There was a time when our gas broke down in our house. I’ve been really uncomfortable for a while. At that time, I thought I would like to have a system to save energy for my house. That’s why I came up with a solar pad. It’s hard to create something that I always feel. The hardest thing about this writing was that I had to make something with green energy and eco-friendly factors. I didn’t even know the environmental factors and I was at a loss when I first started. I didn’t find the right way. I searched up a lot of data. Through this assignment, my knowledge and writing skills are really improved.

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