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How to get a cheap flight ticket


Airplanes are the fastest means of transportation in the 21st century. And this is indispensable to our lives. Like the United States, in a country with a large land, it is a more a necessary means of transportation. As I am an international student, I often use airplanes. One of the first things to check is the price. It is not that expensive to go from America to America but if you go to Asia or farther from the United States, the price will naturally become expensive. So I did this experiment to find out how to buy airplane tickets cheaply and when is the best time to buy airplane tickets.


Airplanes are indispensable in our lives. Airplane prices are not always cheap. Nevertheless, we have to use airplanes. We can’t move to a car or ship. When everyone buys a plane ticket, the first thing to check is the price. My friends always share information about when it is cheaper to buy tickets or where it is cheaper to buy tickets. And sometimes, because the price is high, we cannot make reservations during the summer vacation. So, let’s find out how to buy tickets efficiently.

Materials and methods


– Computer

– Skyscanner


Experiment (New York – South Korea)

  1. Choose the destination.
  2. Choose the date.
  3. The travel period is fixed for two weeks.
  4. Search the price in May, June, July, August.
  5. Compare with price.(Only direct)
(Figure 1. I used the skyscanner and searched Korean air price)
(Figure 2. korean airplane by google)
(Figure 3. This is map of the plane from New York to Korea and the flight time is usually 14 hours.)
(Figure 4. price comparison graph)


The experiment was conducted from Monday to Sunday. As you can see from the graph above, it is the cheapest thing to buy on Sunday. And it was the cheapest to book a plane in July and the most expensive to book in June.


I searched for a flight from New York to Korea, and if it is a flight to another country, the result will be different. And the price of the airplane is not always fixed so it is hard to measure. And in the experiment,, I measured from the price every day, but sometimes the price fluctuates from time. So it was a little more difficult to measure the price.


I have now compared my flight tickets in May, June, July and August. Since many people went on a trip during the summer vacation, I compared the price. First of all, as you can see on the graph, it is the cheapest thing to book tickets on Sundays. And after searching for airplane tickets for a week, the price was different every day. And on average, it seems cheapest to book two or three months before traveling. And it would be more helpful to use a site where you can compare prices at a glance.


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I often take airplanes. I like to travel not only in Korea but also in other countries. So I often look for a plane to London and a plane to Los Angeles. Then, I think that how can I buy a cheaper ticket? so I chose this topic. It was very interesting for me. When I first began with my topic, I thought it is really useful information for me. And I wanted to teach people how to buy plane tickets cheaply. As you can see from the Excel graph above, I found a plane ticket from New York to South Korea. The departure date has been set from Monday to Sunday. What was difficult about this writing is that I couldn’t find a certain result. I set my destination in South Korea. The result of this experiment is that distance and season of the destination are really important factors. Of course, during the summer vacation, many people go travel, so the airplane will be expensive. According to my research, summer is definitely expensive compared to winter. Then, I purposely set up a summer period for this experiment. I used a sky scanner. Of course, there were Google Flights and other sites, but I thought it would be better to use the site that I use often. The hardest part of this report was also deciding the topic. It is always difficult to decide the topic. But after deciding the topic, I wrote quickly. I think it was easier to write because I was interested and curious.

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